influence of marine reserves on coral disease prevalence.predicted increases in disease with climate warming highlight the need for effective management strategies to mitigate disease effects in coral communities. we examined the role of marine protected areas (mpas) in reducing disease in corals and the hypothesis that the composition of fish communities can influence coral health, by comparing disease prevalence between mpa and non-protected (control) reefs in palau. overall, the prevalence of diseases pooled, as well as the prevalence of skeletal e ...200920095248
multiple factors affect socioeconomics and wellbeing of artisanal sea cucumber fishers.small-scale fisheries are important to livelihoods and subsistence seafood consumption of millions of fishers. sea cucumbers are fished worldwide for export to asia, yet few studies have assessed factors affecting socioeconomics and wellbeing among fishers. we interviewed 476 men and women sea cucumber fishers at multiple villages within multiple locations in fiji, kiribati, tonga and new caledonia using structured questionnaires. low rates of subsistence consumption confirmed a primary role of ...201627930649
tau as a susceptibility gene for amyotropic lateral sclerosis-parkinsonism dementia complex of guam.a guam variant of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (als-g) and parkinsonism dementia complex (pdc-g) are found in the chamorro people of guam. both disorders have overlapping neuropathologic findings, with neurofibrillary tangles in spinal cord and brain. the cause of als-g-pdc-g is unknown, although inheritance and environment appear important. because neurofibrillary tangles containing tau protein are present in als-g-pdc-g, and because mutations in the tau gene (tau) cause autosomal dominant fro ...200111708997
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