ddt levels in human milk in hong kong, 2001-02.high levels of p,p'-ddt were detected in hong kong breast milk sampled in 1976 and 1985. monitoring ddt levels in human breast milk in this region is important to identify trends in exposure. as part of the 2002-03 who/euro coordinated exposure study, the concentrations of ddt and its metabolites were determined in 10 pooled milk samples classified by geographic origin and dietary history, comprising milk samples from 238 primiparous mothers giving birth in hong kong. analysis was performed by g ...200818640700
is self-determined functioning a universal prerequisite for motive-goal congruence? examining the domain of achievement in three cultures.research has shown that capacity for accessing implicit motives promotes congruence between the implicit and the explicit motivational system: individuals able to test a conscious goal for its fit with their implicit motivation commit themselves more fully to self-congruent goals. however, it has not yet been shown whether this is a universal phenomenon or limited to euro-american cultures in which individual needs are less strictly constrained by the social environment than in other cultural co ...201020433636
satisfaction with inpatient care in a population-based hong kong chinese measure self-reported inpatient experience in hong kong.201020123761
on-board gaseous emissions of lpg taxis and estimation of taxi fleet emissions.instantaneous co, no, and hc emissions and exhaust flow rates from four lpg taxis, which adhered to euro 2-4 emission standards, were measured using a sophisticated portable emission measurement system (pems). instantaneous air/fuel ratios, emission rates, and emission factors at different operating modes were derived to explore the emission characteristics of these four taxis. results show that gaseous emissions from these four taxis exceed emission standards, due to extended vehicle use and po ...201121937087
too close to home. factors predicting meat most societies, meat is valued more highly, yet tabooed more frequently, than any other type of food. past research suggests that people avoid eating animals they consider similar to themselves, but what specific factors influence which they eat, and which they avoid? across an array of samples from the usa, canada, hong kong, and india, perceived animal intelligence and appearance emerged as the chief predictors of disgust at the thought of eating them. furthermore, reflecting on animals' ps ...201222465239
revisiting nitrous acid (hono) emission from on-road vehicles: a tunnel study with a mixed fleet.nitrous acid (hono) is an important precursor of oh radicals in the atmosphere. in urban areas, emissions from vehicles are the main source of air pollutants, including reactive nitrogen. previously reported emission ratios of hono (hono/nox) from vehicles were measured in the late 1990s and need to be updated due to the significant changes in emission control technologies. we measured the emission ratio of a fleet of vehicles (38% diesel on average) from march 11 to 21, 2015, in a road tunnel i ...201728278037
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