assessment of the health status of wild fish from the wheatley harbour area of concern, ontario, canada.the overall health and endocrine function of wild brown bullhead (ameiurus nebulosus) and goldfish (carassius auratus) from the wheatley harbour area of concern (lake erie, ontario, canada) was assessed using a suite of physiological and biochemical endpoints. smaller gonads were detected in female brown bullhead and goldfish from wheatley harbour compared with hillman marsh (ontario, canada) reference fish. female brown bullhead exhibited decreased in vitro synthesis of 17β-estradiol. female go ...201223027428
polycystic kidney disease in goldfish (carassius auratus) from hamilton harbour, lake ontario, canada.severe kidney enlargement was observed in 6.3% (5 of 80) of goldfish collected from a heavily polluted industrial basin. externally the fish had generalized swelling and abdominal distension. the kidneys contained numerous large, clear, fluid-filled cysts (polycystic) that ranged in size from microscopic to 4 cm in diameter. affected kidneys had a wide range of histological changes-including the presence of large multiple cysts that caused severe distension and compression of normal renal tissue ...19854002536
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