selenium concentrations and enzyme activities of glutathione metabolism in wild long-tailed ducks and common eiders.the relationships of selenium (se) concentrations in whole blood with plasma activities of total glutathione peroxidase, se-dependent glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione reductase were studied in long-tailed ducks (clangula hyemalis) and common eiders (somateria mollissima) sampled along the beaufort sea coast of alaska, usa. blood se concentrations were >8?µg/g wet weight in both species. linear regression revealed that the activities of total and se-dependent glutathione peroxidase were si ...201121462234
contaminants in molting long-tailed ducks and nesting common eiders in the beaufort 2000, we collected blood from long-tailed ducks (clangula hyemalis) and blood and eggs from common eiders (somateria mollissima) at near-shore islands in the vicinity of prudhoe bay, alaska, and at a reference area east of prudhoe bay. blood was analyzed for trace elements and egg contents were analyzed for trace elements, organochlorine pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. except for se (mean=36.1 microg/g dry weight (dw) in common eiders and 48.8 micr ...200414980466
an adenovirus linked to mortality and disease in long-tailed ducks (clangula hyemalis) in adenovirus was isolated from intestinal samples of two long-tailed ducks (clangula hyemalis) collected during a die-off in the beaufort sea off the north coast of alaska in 2000. the virus was not neutralized by reference antiserum against known group i, ii, or iii avian adenoviruses and may represent a new serotype. the prevalence of the virus was determined in live-trapped long-tailed ducks at the mortality site and at a reference site 100 km away where no mortality was observed. prevalence ...200314708993
contaminants and sea ducks in alaska and the circumpolar region.we review nesting sea duck population declines in alaska during recent decades and explore the possibility that contaminants may be implicated. aerial surveys of the surf scoter (melanitta perspicillata), white-winged scoter (m. fusca), black scoter (m. nigra), oldsqaw (clangula hyemalis), spectacled eider (somateria fischeri), and steller's eider (polysticta stellei) show long-term breeding population declines, especially the latter three species. the spectacled eider was recently classified th ...19957556023
renal coccidiosis in oldsquaws (clangula hyemalis) from alaska.renal coccidiosis was found in 4 of 12 oldsquaw ducks (clangula hyemalis) collected from the north slope of alaska and prince william sound. numerous 1 to 2 mm white foci were observed on the kidney surface of one bird. microscopically, there was distention of renal tubules with oocysts, flattening of tubular epithelium, and interstitial accumulation of mononuclear cells. kidneys from several other species of sea ducks from prince william sound were not infected.19817241709
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