chagas' disease in the amazon basin iv. host records of trypanosoma cruzi zymodemes in the states of amazonas and rondonia, brazil.of 151 trypanosoma cruzi stocks from 117 different individual hosts collected in the states of amazonas and rondonia, 147 from 113 hosts were identified as zymodeme 1 (z1). these included t. cruzi stocks from three marsupial species, two rodent species and three triatomine species although most were from the common opossum, didelphis marsupialis. one t. cruzi stock from rhodnius robustus was identified as z1 with a z3 pgm character, one from sciurus sp. as z3 and two from monodelphis brevicaudat ...19846441530
chagas's disease in the amazon basin: ii. the distribution of trypanosoma cruzi zymodemes 1 and 3 in pará state, north pará state, brazil, 123 trypanosoma cruzi stocks were isolated from 12 silvatic mammal species, five silvatic triatomine species and individuals with acute chagas's disease. 100 t. cruzi stocks were identified as zymodeme (z) 1, 17 as z3 and 6 as z3 with z1 asat character, but none were t. cruzi z2. z1 was predominantly isolated from arboreal mammals, especially didelphis marsupialis; z3 was mainly found in terrestrial or burrowing mammals, particularly dasypus novemcinctus and monodelphis br ...19817036428
the opossum, didelphis marsupialis (marsupialia: didelphidae), as a reservoir host of leishmania braziliensis guyanensis in the amazon basin of brazil.a total of 52 opossums (six species) were examined for evidence of infection with leishmania in three different areas of forest near manaus, amazonas state, brazil. no infections were detected in 27 opossums from a region of relatively undisturbed forest, including specimens of didelphis marsupialis (18); metachirus nudicaudatus (four); monodelphis brevicaudata (one); marmosa cinerea (two); m. murina (one) and m. parvidens (one). of 15 d. marsupialis captured from a biological reserve, much dist ...19817324129
laelapine mites (acari: laelapidae) associated with small mammals from amazonas, brazil, including a new species from intensive survey of ectoparasitic arthropods associated with small mammals in upland forests near manaus, brazil, provides information on the taxonomy and host distribution of laelapine mites in the amazonian region. we identified 5 genera and 21 species of these mites by comparison with representative museum specimens, the taxonomic literature, and, when possible, the original type specimens. these mites are host specific, with associations ranging from strict monoxeny (18 species) to oligox ...200515856870
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