experimental onchocerciasis in chimpanzees: cellular responses and antigen recognition after immunization and challenge with onchocerca volvulus infective third-stage larvae.immunization of chimpanzees with radiation-attenuated infective 3rd-stage larvae (l3) of onchocerca volvulus did not induce strong protective immunity against a subsequent challenge infection; only 1 out of 4 immunized animals remained non-patent (i.e. microfilariae-negative) after challenge, and may have been protected. however, during immunization and before challenge, a broad range of adult o. volvulus-derived antigens (ovag) and also uterus-derived ovag were recognized by circulating antibod ...19938356001
immunity to onchocerca spp. in animal hosts.this review summarizes research using onchocerca spp. in chimpanzees, cattle and mice to gain insight into the protective immune response to the filarial worm onchocerca volvulus in humans. in addition, acanthocheilonema viteae has been evaluated as a surrogate filarial worm for studying immunity to the infection. immune mechanisms controlling these infections are described and initial success using recombinant antigen vaccines in these models is reviewed.200211998704
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