gastrointestinal helminths of gentoo penguins (pygoscelis papua) from stranger point, 25 de mayo/king george island, antarctica.the aim of this work is to contribute to the knowledge of gastrointestinal parasites of the gentoo penguin (pygoscelis papua) from 25 de mayo/king george island (south shetlands, antarctica). gastrointestinal tracts of 37 fresh dead individuals (21 chicks, 10 juveniles, and 6 adults) were collected from december 2006 to february 2012 and examined for macroparasites. four adult parasite species were found: one cestoda species (parorchites zederi), two nematoda species (stegophorus macronectes and ...201323435921
mode of attachment and pathology caused by parorchites zederi in three species of penguins: pygoscelis papua, pygoscelis adeliae, and pygoscelis antarctica in antarctica.we identified and compared gross and microscopic lesions associated with the cestode, parorchites zederi, in the digestive tracts of three species of penguins (spheniscidae): the chinstrap ( pygoscelis antarctica ), gentoo ( pygoscelis papua ), and adélie penguins ( pygoscelis adeliae ). the gastrointestinal tracts of 79 recently dead individuals (71 chicks and eight adults) were collected in locations throughout the antarctic peninsula during summer field trips in 2006-09. parorchites zederi wa ...201627195682
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