cutaneous trematode collyriclum faba in wild birds in the central european carpathians.the occurrence of cutaneous trematode collyriclum faba in wild birds was monitored in the central european carpathians from 1996 to 2001. a total of 5,414 birds, representing 86 species, was examined. collyriclum faba was found at 7 sites (5 in slovakia, 1 in poland, and 1 in the czech republic), and prevalences at the sites varied from 1 to 16%. ten species of passerine birds were infected: blackcap (sylvia atricapilla) (16 positive/622 tested, 2% prevalence), black redstart (phoenicurus ochrur ...200312760670
extension of the avian host range of collyriclosis in europe.we describe cases of collyriclosis in apodiform and passeriform birds in portugal, switzerland, and germany. we extend the host range of collyriculm faba to include apodiform birds ( apus apus , apus melba , and apus pallidus ) and the passerine sitta europaea (eurasian nuthatch). infections varied in severity from an incidental finding to severe debilitation and death. the infection route remains unclear with the apparent absence from germany, portugal, and switzerland of the first intermediate ...201728099076
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