echinostoma revolutum and echinoparyphium recurvatum recovered from house rats in yangyang-gun, kangwon-do.during an investigation on intestinal flukes of house rats in yangyang-gun, kangwon-do, a total of 6 species of trematodes belonging to 3 families; echinostomatidae (echinostoma hortense, e. cinetorchis, e. revolutum and echinoparyphium recurvatum), diplostomidae (fibricola seoulensis) and plagiorchiidae (plagiorchis muris), were recovered from two adult rats. e. revolutum and e. recurvatum were new trematode faunae of rats in korea. e. revolutum had an elongated body, 5.3-6.0 mm long and 1.0-1. ...19902099177
studies on parasitic helminths of korea 5.survey on intestinal trematodes of house rats.a study was carried out to evaluate the house rats in southern korea as reservoir host of intestinal trematodes, in 13 different areas: 7 in inland and 6 in brackish-water zones, during the period from august 1980 to august 1981. a total of 170 house rats was captured; 101 rats from inland and 69 from brackish-water zones. they consisted of 129 rattus norvegicus, 22 r. rattus rufescens, and 19 unidentified. the infection status of the rats were as follows: 1. total 29 rats (17.1%) were infected ...198112902707
helminth parasites in black rats (rattus rattus) and brown rats (rattus norvegicus) from different environments in the netherlands.rattus norvegicus (brown rat) and rattus rattus (black rat) are known carriers of bacteria, viruses, and parasites of zoonotic and veterinary importance. moreover, rats may play a role in the transmission of muscle larvae of the zoonotic nematode trichinella spiralis to farm animals. we aimed to study the intestinal and intramuscular helminths in wild rats from three different environments to assess the relevance of rats as carrier of zoonotic parasites for public health.201627193418
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