susceptibility of tamarins (saguinus) to measles virus.tamarins (saguinus mystax and saguinus labiatus) were experimentally infected with two strains of measles virus. one of the strains (jm) spread readily among the animals with a high fatality rate. the second strain (edmonston) appeared to be less pathogenic and less transmissible than strain jm. aerosol was considered the most probable mode of infection.19806775133
colitis in a female tamarin (saguinus mystax).an adult wild-caught female tamarin (saguinus mystax) housed in a biomedical research facility was found moribund and extremely dehydrated, with severe diarrhea. she initially responded to supportive therapy but died 3 days later. necropsy findings included hyperemia of the colonic mucosa, mesenteric lymphadenopathy, acanthocephalid parasites (prosthenorchis elegans) embedded in the mucosa of the terminal ileum and cecum, and free filarid nematodes (dipetalonema sp.) in the abdominal cavity. cam ...200011487241
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