exposure of black-legged kittiwakes to lyme disease spirochetes: dynamics of the immune status of adult hosts and effects on their survival.1. despite a growing interest in wildlife disease ecology, there is a surprising lack of knowledge about the exposure dynamics of individual animals to naturally circulating infectious agents and the impact of such agents on host life-history traits. 2. the exploration of these questions requires detailed longitudinal data on individual animals that can be captured multiple times during their life but also requires being able to account for several sources of uncertainty, notably the partial obs ...201222428953
host-dependent genetic structure of parasite populations: differential dispersal of seabird tick host races.despite the fact that parasite dispersal is likely to be one of the most important processes influencing the dynamics and coevolution of host-parasite interactions, little information is available on the factors that affect it. in most cases, opportunities for parasite dispersal should be closely linked to host biology. here we use microsatellite genetic markers to compare the population structure and dispersal of two host races of the seabird tick ixodes uriae at the scale of the north atlantic ...200312683525
induced maternal response to the lyme disease spirochaete borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in a colonial seabird, the kittiwake rissa tridactyla.mothers are predicted to invest in their offspring depending on the quality of their mate, their opportunity to invest in future reproduction and the characteristics of the habitat in which their offspring will be born. recent studies have suggested a transfer of maternal immunity to offspring as an induced response to the local presence of parasites in the environment, but evidence has been indirect. here, we show the presence of antibodies against the lyme disease agent borrelia burgdorferi se ...200111297183
variable exposure and immunological response to lyme disease borrelia among north atlantic seabird species.colonial seabirds often breed in large aggregations. these individuals can be exposed to parasitism by the tick ixodes uriae, but little is known about the circulation of pathogens carried by this ectoparasite, including lyme disease borrelia. here we investigated the prevalence of antibodies (ab) against borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato in seabird species sampled at eight locations across the north atlantic. using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay tests, we found that the prevalence of anti-borr ...200818577503
interannual dynamics of antibody levels in naturally infected long-lived colonial birds.little is known about the long-term persistence of specific antibodies (ab) in natural host-parasite systems despite its potential epidemiological and ecological importance. in long-lived species, knowledge of the dynamics of individual immunological profiles can be important not only for interpreting serology results, but also for assessing transmission dynamics and the potential selective pressures acting on parasites. the aim of this paper was to investigate temporal variation in levels of sp ...200718229852
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