first report of a field outbreak of the oriental eye-fluke, philophthalmus gralli (mathis & leger 1910), in commercially reared ostriches (struthio camelus) in zimbabwe.a total of 17 commercially reared ostriches (struthio camelus) from msengi farm, chinhoyi, zimbabwe, observed with swollen eyes, severe conjunctivitis and constant lacrimation accompanied by a purulent exudate, were restrained for further clinical examination. some of the birds were semi-blind with severe loss of body condition. when examined, tiny organisms were observed attached to the nictitating membranes and the conjuctival sacs of both eyes. the organisms were identified as philophthalmus ...200516300188
a comparison of the efficacy of doramectin, closantel and levamisole in the treatment of the 'oriental eye fluke', philophthalmus gralli, in commercially reared ostriches (struthio camelus).commercially reared ostriches at msengi farm situated in the chinhoyi area of mashonaland west province in zimbabwe were found to be infected with the 'oriental eye fluke', philopthalmus gralli, in 2001. this was the ist record of the fluke in zimbabwe. trials were conducted to identify a suitable drug for the treatment of this fluke. a total of 12 ostriches confirmed to be infected with the fluke through clinical examination of the eyes and identification of the fluke were randomly divided into ...200818846856
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