surveillance potential of non-native hawaiian birds for detection of west nile virus.west nile virus (wnv) was first detected in north america in 1999. alaska and hawaii (hi) remain the only u.s. states in which transmission of wnv has not been detected. dead bird surveillance has played an important role in the detection of the virus geographically, as well as temporally. in north america, corvids have played a major role in wnv surveillance; however, the only corvid in hi is the endangered hawaiian crow that exists only in captivity, thus precluding the use of this species for ...201526304918
the islands are different: human perceptions of game species in hawaii.hawaii's game animals are all non-native species, which provokes human-wildlife conflict among stakeholders. the management of human-wildlife conflict in hawaii is further complicated by the discrete nature of island communities. our goal was to understand the desires and perceived values or impacts of game held by residents of hawaii regarding six game species [pigs (sus scrofa), goats (capra hircus), mouflon (ovis musimon), axis deer (axis axis), turkeys (melagris gallopavo), and doves (geopel ...201425129387
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