sarcocystis mucosa in bennetts wallabies and pademelons from tasmania.macroscopic gastrointestinal sarcocysts were detected in 36 of 270 (13%) tasmanian pademelons (thylogale billardierii) and 47 of 292 (16%) bennetts wallabies (macropus rufogriseus) from january 1995 to march 1996 at onshore and offshore study sites in tasmania (australia). the sarcocysts were characterized using light and electron microscopy. the ultrastructure of the primary cyst wall was consistent with that of sarcocystis mucosa, an apicomplexan parasite commonly found in macropodid marsupial ...19989706570
sarcocystis mucosa (blanchard 1885) labbé 1889 in unadorned rock wallabies (petrogale assimilis) and bennett's wallabies (macropus rufogriseus).macroscopic cysts of a protozoan parasite were detected in the gastro-intestinal walls of two unadorned rock wallabies (petrogale assimilis) and 20 bennett's wallabies (macropus rufogriseus). the cysts were located predominantly in the muscularis externa and the submucosa of the forestomach, small intestine and colon and sometimes in the muscularis externa of the oesophagus and caecum. all cysts exhibited similar morphological and ultrastructural characteristics. they were bounded by thick prima ...19873106956
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