peracute sodium toxicity in free-ranging black-bellied whistling duck ducklings.from 23 to 25 july 2002, 98-103 newly hatched black-bellied whistling ducks (dendrocygna autumnalis) were observed alive at an inland saline lake (la sal vieja) in willacy county, texas (usa). seventy-one (71%) died after showing signs indicative of sodium toxicity within 5 hr of entering the water; some died within minutes. six carcasses were sent to the united states geological survey, national wildlife health center (madison, wisconsin, usa) for analysis, and brain sodium levels of all duckli ...200415465728
endoparasites of black-bellied whistling ducks in southern texas.endoparasites detected in the black-bellied whistling duck (dendrocygnaautumnalis) include one nasal mite, four nematodes, three trematodes, five cestodes, and two acanthocephalans. each of these represents a new host record. overall, 47% of the birds were parasitized with an average of 12 helminths per infected bird. helminths were significantly more common in juveniles than in adults; more females than males were parasitized, but the difference was not statistically significant. no correlation ...19751167612
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