caryospora cheloniae sp. n.: a coccidial pathogen of mariculture-reared green sea turtles (chelonia mydas mydas).caryospora cheloniae sp. n. is described from mariculture-reared green sea turtles (chelonia m. mydas). the sporulated oocyst has a thin, transparent, single-layered wall which often ruptures, leaving a naked sporulated sporocyst. oocysts measured 33.8 to 40.1 micrometer by 11.0 to 14.6 micrometer (mean 37.4 by 12.8 micrometer). greatest concentrations of developmental stages of c. cheloniae were found in the hindgut. transverse binary fission was observed in dividing tissue stages. pathologic a ...1978418191
epizootic mortality of free-living green turtles, chelonia mydas, due to least 70 wild green sea turtles, chelonia mydas, died in the moreton bay area of southeast queensland, australia over 6 wk in spring 1991. based on the necropsy of 24 turtles, there was a severe enteritis or encephalitis associated with caryospora cheloniae, a coccidial pathogen previously recorded only in farm-reared ch. mydas hatchlings. infection was characterized by the presence of coccidia in extra-intestinal lesions. oocysts were observed to sporulate, after which sporozoites escaped in ...19938355356
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