aspergillus deflectus infection in four dogs.four cases of disseminated aspergillosis caused by aspergillus deflectus in german shepherds are presented. three of the cases, which involved multiple organs, terminated in euthanasia. one case, with bony involvement of the limbs and skull, lived. the unique morphological characteristic of the conidial head resembling a briar pipe led to the identification of a. deflectus. to the authors' knowledge these are the first reported cases of infections caused by a. deflectus in man or animal.19863723291
systemic mycosis due to aspergillus deflectus in a dog.a 4-year-old, entire female, german shepherd dog was referred with a 3-month history of right foreleg lameness that partially responded to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial therapy. the bitch lost weight, was polydipsic and had reduced exercise tolerance. on referral, the animal was in poor condition, pyrexic and exhibited moderate pain on full extension of the right shoulder. blood, urine and joint fluid were obtained and radiographs were taken of the right shoulder and chest. th ...200011022283
sequential opportunistic infections in two german shepherd dogs.two german shepherd dogs with sequential opportunistic infections are described. the first was a 2-year-old male with cryptococcal rhinitis that spread to involve the optic nerves and brain. it was successfully treated with combination therapy utilising amphotericin b administered for 2 years, but the dog developed a disseminated aspergillus deflectus infection 5 years later and was euthanased. the second case was a 4-year-old male that presented for a severe, deep-seated infection of the right ...201121250949
clinicopathologic and diagnostic imaging characteristics of systemic aspergillosis in 30 dogs.systemic aspergillosis is a serious disease of dogs for which the clinical characteristics are poorly described.200818647155
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