outbreak of severe foot rot associated with benign dichelobacter nodosus in an alpine ibex colony in the swiss outbreak of foot rot occurred in the ibex colony "vanil noir" in switzerland from may to december 2014. this article describes field observations and the analyses carried out on the limbs of 3 animals submitted for postmortem examination. disease signs observed in the field included lameness, poor body condition and overgrown hooves. macroscopic examination of selected limbs revealed severe lesions in all of them, including interdigital inflammation with ulceration and malodorous exudation. h ...201526753343
detection of dichelobacter nodosus in wild ungulates (capra ibex ibex and ovis aries musimon) and domestic sheep suffering from foot rot using a two-step polymerase chain reaction.severe keratinous hoof afflictions have been recorded in ibex (capra ibex ibex) since 1995 and more recently in mouflon (ovis aries musimon) in switzerland. based on clinical observations and comparison with diseases known to affect domestic ungulates, it was hypothesized these wild ungulates were affected by foot rot associated with infection with dichelobacter nodosus. dichelobacter nodosus has been shown to be the essential pathogen for initiation and establishment of foot rot, a highly conta ...200717347396
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