hop, an active mutator-like element in the genome of the fungus fusarium oxysporum.a new type of active dna transposon has been identified in the genome of fusarium oxysporum by its transposition into the niad target gene. two insertions within the final exon, in opposite orientations at the same nucleotide site, have been characterized. these elements, called hop, are 3,299 bp long, with perfect terminal inverted repeats (tirs) of 99 bp. the sequencing of genomic copies reveals a 9-bp target site duplication and no apparent sequence specificity at the insertion sites. the seq ...200312777515
precipitating antibodies against micropolyspora faeni in equines in north-western india.prevalence of serum precipitins against micropolyspora faeni, thermoactinomyces vulgaris and aspergillus fumigatus, employing the counterimmunoelectrophoresis (coie) and ouchterlony's double diffusion (dd) techniques, is reported in 162 of the equines stationed at two military installations in north-western india. m. faeni specific precipitins were demonstrable in 58 of 112 mules from site i in the mountainous region whereas the results were negative for all of the 50 horses examined from site i ...19853937491
studies on the association of aspergillus fumigatus with ocular infections in animals.the occurrence and aetiological significance of aspergillus fumigatus, an opportunistic pathogen, have been studied in 93 animals with various ophthalmological problems. a total of 93 eye swabs collected from 35 mules, 26 dogs, 13 fowl, 11 cattle, five buffaloes and three camels were investigated mycologically for the presence of a fumigatus. the pathogen was isolated in pure and heavy growth from the swabs from two dogs, one bull, one mule and one fowl. the fungus was also demonstrated directly ...19863511605
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