edema disease in a california sea lion.edema disease, similar to that occurring in swine, was diagnosed in a california sea lion (zalophus californianus). the prominent features included a thickened, edematous stomach wall and generalized fibrinoid necrosis of arterioles. a beta-hemolytic escherichia coli, serotype 0147:k . :h52, was the predominant organism isolated from the gastrointestinal tract. the organism caused fatal infection when administered orally and intraperitoneally to mice.19807005201
bacterial isolates from california sea lions (zalophus californianus), harbor seals (phoca vitulina), and northern elephant seals (mirounga angustirostris) admitted to a rehabilitation center along the central california coast, 2 yr of bacteriologic culturing of 297 california sea lions (zalophus californianus), 154 harbor seals (phoca vitulina), and 89 northern elephant seals (mirounga angustirostris) stranded alive along the california coast, the most frequent isolates from inflammatory lesions in live animals were escherichia coli, streptococcus viridans, listeria ivanovii, beta-hemolytic streptococcus spp., and enterococcus spp. this is the first report of l. ivanovii isolation from a marine mammal. the common i ...19989732032
antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria isolated from pinnipeds stranded in central and northern california.over a 2-yr period (1994-1995), the antimicrobial susceptibilities of 129 bacterial isolates recovered from live stranded california sea lions (zalophus californianus), harbor seals (phoca vitulina), and northern elephant seals (mirounga angustirostris) were studied. nineteen genera of bacteria were isolated from various sites of inflammation; abscesses and umbilici were the most common sites. seventy-two percent of the bacterial isolated were gram negative, and the enterobacteriaceae (escherich ...19989809600
aerobic bacterial flora of the vagina and prepuce of california sea lions (zalophus californianus) and investigation of associations with urogenital investigate the association between genital bacterial infection and urogenital carcinoma in california sea lions (zalophus californianus), vaginal and preputial swabs for bacterial isolation were taken from 148 free-ranging and 51 stranded california sea lions including 16 animals with urogenital carcinoma. cytological examination of vaginal or preputial smears showed a majority (65.5%, 57/87) of animals examined had mild or no inflammation. aerobic bacteria were isolated from 116 (78.4%) wil ...200616326045
focal bacterial meningitis following ascending bite wound infection leading to paraparesis in a captive california sea lion (zalophus californianus).magnetic resonance imaging was performed on a 15-yr-old captive female california sea lion (zalophus californianus) with a 2-wk history of progressive paraparesis and a 9-mo history of exudative skin lesion on the left thoracic wall. magnetic resonance images showed a well-defined muscle infiltrating lesion ventrolateral to the seventh cervical to the third thoracic vertebra on the left side, which extended through the left intervertebral foramina c7 to t3 into the vertebral canal, causing spina ...201525831587
[focal meningitis in a california sea lion (zalophus californianus)--diagnostic procedure and pathology].a 15-year-old female california sea lion (zalophus californianus) with progressive lameness of the hindlimbs and a chronic skin lesion was presented for clinical examination. the clinical neurological examination, showing a paraparesis, was completed by magnetic resonance imaging. mr images of the cervical and thoracic spine showed a well-defined muscle infiltrating lesion between the seventh cervical vertebra (c7) and the second thoracic vertebra (t2), which extended through the intervertebral ...201425406071
endocarditis associated with escherichia coli in a sea lion (zalophus californianus).endocarditis associated with escherichia coli was diagnosed in a 2-year-old male california sea lion (zalophus californianus). the diagnosis was based on light microscopic examination and bacterial isolation from the valvular lesion. this is the first case of bacterial endocarditis reported in a sea lion.200212033687
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