molecular characterisation of sarcocystis lutrae n. sp. and toxoplasma gondii from the musculature of two eurasian otters (lutra lutra) in norway.sarcocysts were detected in routinely processed histological sections of skeletal muscle, but not cardiac muscle, of two adult male otters (lutra lutra; mustelidae) from northern norway following their post-mortem examination in 1999 and 2000. the sarcocysts were slender, spindle-shaped, up to 970 μm long and 35-70 μm in greatest diameter. the sarcocyst wall was thin (∼ 0.5 μm) and smooth with no visible protrusions. portions of unfixed diaphragm of both animals were collected at the autopsies a ...201525512210
molecular detection of sarcocystis lutrae in the european badger (meles meles) in scotland.neck samples from 54 badgers and 32 tongue samples of the same badgers (meles meles), collected in the lothians and borders regions of scotland, were tested using polymerase chain reactions (pcrs) directed against the 18s ribosomal dna and the internal transcribed spacer (its1) region of protozoan parasites of the family sarcocystidae. positive results were obtained from 36/54 (67%) neck and 24/32 (75%) tongue samples using an 18s rdna pcr. a 468 base pair consensus sequence that was generated f ...201728641603
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