characterization of canine adenovirus type 1 isolated from american black bears.viruses recovered from tissues taken at necropsy from american black bears were examined by use of immunofluorescence with polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, virus neutralization with monoclonal antibodies, and restriction endonuclease analyses of the viral genomes. with these techniques, viruses were determined to be canine adenovirus type 1. seronegative dogs that were inoculated with the virus had clinical signs typical of infectious canine hepatitis, suggesting that the virus, which was v ...19882840839
seroprevalence of selected disease agents from free-ranging black bears in florida.sera obtained from 66 free-ranging florida black bears (ursus americanus floridanus) from three geographic areas of florida (usa) between november 1993 and august 1995 were tested for antibodies to 13 disease agents. antibody prevalences were 3 positive of 37 tested (8%) coxiella burnetti, 37 of 66 (56%) toxoplasma gondii, 3 of 61 (5%) bluetongue virus/epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus (btv/ehdv), 4 of 66 (6%) canine adenovirus-type 1, 5 of 66 (8%) canine distemper virus (cdv), 10 of 62 (16%) ...19989706572
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