the occurrence of pathogens in an endangered population of american badgers (taxidea taxus jacksoni) in ontario, canada.american badgers ( taxidea taxus jacksoni) at the periphery of the species' range in ontario, canada, are listed as endangered because of an estimated population size of <200 mature individuals. the main threats faced by this population include habitat loss and road mortality. however, on 18 november 2013, a radio-implanted badger was found nonresponsive in an agricultural field with signs consistent with canine distemper virus infection, which was subsequently confirmed. this prompted our inves ...201727749192
pathogen dynamics and morbidity of striped skunks in the absence of rabies.parasites have the potential to influence the population dynamics of mammalian hosts, either as a single devastating pathogen or as a community effect. striped skunks (mephitis mephitis) are typically host to rabies, which often regulates population numbers. we assessed micro- and macroparasite dynamics in striped skunk populations in the absence of rabies, to determine if a single pathogen, or community, was responsible for a majority of skunk deaths. we monitored mortality due to pathogens, an ...201020688627
systemic sarcocystosis in a striped skunk (mephitis mephitis).a striped skunk with neurological signs was euthanized and examined via necropsy. histologically, protozoa were found in multiple tissues. protozoal schizonts measured 15 to 25 mum in diameter and contained 4 to 6 mum crescent-shaped merozoites. protozoa were associated with necrosis and inflammation in the lung, brain, liver, and nasal epithelium. immunohistochemistry labeled protozoa strongly positive for sarcocystis neurona. polymerase chain reaction-amplified products from the protozoan were ...201020375428
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