pathology and molecular detection of rabies virus in ferret badgers associated with a rabies outbreak in taiwan.until rabies virus (rabv) infection in taiwan ferret badgers (twfb; melogale moschata subaurantiaca) was diagnosed in mid-june 2013, taiwan had been considered rabies free for >50 yr. although rabies has also been reported in ferret badgers in china, the pathologic changes and distribution of viral antigens of ferret badger-associated rabies have not been described. we performed a comprehensive pathologic study and molecular detection of rabies virus in three necropsied rabid twfbs and evaluated ...201626560756
rabies virus infection in ferret badgers (melogale moschata subaurantiaca) in taiwan: a retrospective study.fifteen ferret badgers (melogale moschata subaurantiaca), collected 2010-13 and stored frozen, were submitted for rabies diagnosis by direct fluorescent antibody test and reverse transcription pcr. we detected seven positive animal samples, including some from 2010, which indicated that the ferret badger population in taiwan had been affected by rabies prior to 2010.201526267459
molecular characterization of cryptically circulating rabies virus from ferret badgers, taiwan.after the last reported cases of rabies in a human in 1959 and a nonhuman animal in 1961, taiwan was considered free from rabies. however, during 2012-2013, an outbreak occurred among ferret badgers in taiwan. to examine the origin of this virus strain, we sequenced 3 complete genomes and acquired multiple rabies virus (rabv) nucleoprotein and glycoprotein sequences. phylogeographic analyses demonstrated that the rabv affecting the taiwan ferret badgers (rabv-twfb) is a distinct lineage within t ...201424751120
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