serologic evaluation of vaccinated american river otters.the oklahoma department of wildlife conservation acquired 20 american river otters (lutra canadensis) between 1984 and 1985 for reintroduction into oklahoma waterways. in 1985, 10 otters were evaluated for serum antibody titers after vaccination with canine distemper virus, canine adenovirus type 2, canine parvovirus (cpv), feline panleukopenia virus (fpv), feline rhinotracheitis virus (frv), and feline calicivirus. prevaccination serum-virus neutralization (svn) antibody to feline rhinotracheit ...19853001000
canine distemper virus in river otters in british columbia as an emergent risk for coastal pinnipeds. 200312625539
does human proximity affect antibody prevalence in marine-foraging river otters (lontra canadensis)?the investigation of diseases of free-ranging river otters (lontra canadensis) is a primary conservation priority for this species; however, very little is known about diseases of river otters that forage in marine environments. to identify and better understand pathogens that could be important to marine-foraging river otters, other wildlife species, domestic animals, and humans and to determine if proximity to human population could be a factor in disease exposure, serum samples from 55 free-r ...200717347401
invasive american mink: linking pathogen risk between domestic and endangered carnivores.infectious diseases, in particular canine distemper virus (cdv), are an important threat to the viability of wild carnivore populations. cdv is thought to be transmitted by direct contact between individuals; therefore, the study of species interactions plays a pivotal role in understanding cdv transmission dynamics. however, cdv often appears to move between populations that are ecologically isolated, possibly through bridge hosts that interact with both species. this study investigated how an ...201424604545
efficacy of two canine distemper vaccines in wild nearctic river otters (lontra canadensis).canine distemper virus (cdv), a contagious morbillivirus, infects families in the order carnivora, including nearctic river otters (lontra canadensis). as a preventative measure, vaccinations against cdv are frequently given to mustelids in captive environments. the pennsylvania river otter reintroduction project (prorp) used wild-caught river otters to evaluate the efficacy and need for vaccinations against cdv as part of any reintroduction project. the objectives of this study were to: 1) eval ...201425314818
serologic survey of selected viral agents in recently captured wild north american river otters (lontra canadensis).blood samples were collected from 64 wild north american river otters (lontra [lutra] canadensis) from northern and eastern new york state and analyzed for serologic evidence of exposure to selected viral agents during a 1995 1996 translocation program. no clinical signs of disease nor lesions suggestive of prior viral exposure were seen. titers were detected for antibodies against canine distemper virus, canine herpesvirus-1, and canine parvovirus-2 but not for antibodies against canine adenovi ...200010982127
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