isolation and partial characterization of a parapoxvirus isolated from a skin lesion of a weddell seal.a solitary skin lesion was found on the neck of a weddell seal (leptonychotes weddellii), chemically immobilized in queen maud land (70 degrees 09's, 05 degrees 22'e) antarctica 2001. the lesion was elevated and 3cm in diameter, consisting of partly fresh and partly necrotic tissue, and proliferative papilloma-like structures were seen. electron microscopy on a biopsy from the lesion revealed typical parapoxvirus particles. polymerase chain reaction (pcr; b2l gene) generated amplicons of approxi ...200515681058
isolation of a parapoxvirus from a grey seal (halichoerus grypus).a grey seal (halichoerus grypus) developed cutaneous pocks which progressed to involve the skin extensively, necessitating euthanasia. macroscopically and histologically the lesions resembled previous descriptions of parapoxvirus infections of seals and virus particles were observed in preparations of a scab and a skin lesion. suspensions of the scab and skin lesion were prepared and inoculated on to monolayer cultures of grey seal kidney cells. after 25 days in culture and three passages, cytop ...19958644435
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