serologic response of maned wolves (chrysocyon brachyurus) to canine and canine parvovirus vaccination distemper virus.this study evaluated the immune response of 47 (22 males, 25 females) captive maned wolves (chrysocyon brachyurus) to modified-live canine parvovirus and canine distemper virus (onderstepoort and rockborn strains) vaccines. sera were collected from 33 adults and 14 pups, including five free-ranging pups captured at 1 yr of age or younger. all the adults and four captive-born pups had been vaccinated prior to this first blood collection. virus neutralization and hemagglutination-inhibition assays ...200112790399
pathogens of wild maned wolves (chrysocyon brachyurus) in brazil.the maned wolf, chrysocyon brachyurus, is an endangered neotropical canid that survives at low population densities. diseases are a potential threat for its conservation but to date have been poorly studied. we performed clinical evaluations and investigated the presence of infectious diseases through serology and coprologic tests on maned wolves from galheiro natural private reserve, perdizes city, minas gerais state, southeastern brazil. fifteen wolves were captured between 2003 and 2008. we f ...201223060508
exposure of free-ranging wild carnivores and domestic dogs to canine distemper virus and parvovirus in the cerrado of central brazil.human population growth around protected areas increases the contact between wild and domestic animals, promoting disease transmission between them. this study investigates the exposure of free-ranging wild carnivores and domestic dogs to canine distemper virus (cdv) and parvovirus in emas national park (enp) in the cerrado savanna of central brazil. serum samples were collected from 169 wild carnivores, including the maned wolf (chrysocyon brachyurus), crab-eating fox (cerdocyon thous), hoary f ...201627469023
exposure of free-ranging maned wolves (chrysocyon brachyurus) to infectious and parasitic disease agents in the noël kempff mercado national park, bolivia.maned wolves (chrysocyon brachyurus) are neotropic mammals, listed as a cites appendix ii species, with a distribution south of the amazon forest from bolivia, through northern argentina and paraguay and into eastern brazil and northern uruguay. primary threats to the survival of free-ranging maned wolves include habitat loss, road kills, and shooting by farmers. an additional threat to the conservation of maned wolves is the risk of morbidity and mortality due to infectious and parasitic diseas ...200517323558
clinical trials with canine distemper vaccines in exotic carnivores.two types of killed canine distemper virus (cdv) vaccine and a modified-live cdv vaccine were clinically evaluated in four species of exotic carnivores. in 16 trials in which 13 red pandas (ailurus fulgens) were given the killed vaccine, only 1 animal had a virus-neutralization titer that exceeded 1:100. a red panda given modified-live cdv vaccine deemed safe for gray foxes and ferrets died of bacterial pneumonia 16 days later. there was no pathologic evidence of canine distemper in that panda. ...19836358163
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