filarioid infections in wild carnivores: a multispecies survey in romania.filarioids are vector-borne parasitic nematodes of vertebrates. in europe, eight species of filarioids, including zoonotic species, have been reported mainly in domestic dogs, and occasionally in wild carnivores. in romania, infections with dirofilaria spp. and acanthocheilonema reconditum are endemic in domestic dogs. despite the abundant populations of wild carnivores in the country, their role in the epidemiology of filarioid parasites remains largely unknown. the aim of the present study was ...201728705255
role of golden jackals (canis aureus) as natural reservoirs of dirofilaria spp. in romania.dirofilaria immitis and dirofilaria repens are mosquito-transmitted zoonotic nematodes, causing heartworm disease and skin lesions, respectively, in carnivores. in europe, the domestic dog is apparently the main definitive host, but patent infections occur also in other species of carnivores. the rapid spread of the golden jackals (canis aureus) throughout europe opens a question of involvement of this species in the sylvatic cycle of pathogens in the colonised territories, including dirofilaria ...201627121617
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