differential transcriptome analysis supports rhodnius montenegrensis and rhodnius robustus (hemiptera, reduviidae, triatominae) as distinct species.chagas disease is one of the main parasitic diseases found in latin america and it is estimated that between six and seven million people are infected worldwide. its etiologic agent, the protozoan trypanosoma cruzi, is transmitted by triatomines, some of which from the genus rhodnius. twenty species are currently recognized in this genus, including some closely related species with low levels of morphological differentiation, such as rhodnius montenegrensis and rhodnius robustus. in order to inv ...201728406967
first report of rhodnius montenegrensis (hemiptera, reduviidae, triatominae) in the state of acre, brazil.this paper reports, for the first time, the presence of rhodnius montenegrensis in the state of acre, brazil.201526132496
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