exposure of dogs to spotted fever group rickettsiae in urban sites associated with human rickettsioses in costa rica.the zoonotic transmission cycles of rickettsia rickettsii and other spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsiae in latin america have usually been associated with rural or sylvatic environments, although domestic dogs can be implicated in more populated settings. in this study, exposure of dogs to sfg rickettsiae in the greater metropolitan area of costa rica was investigated. dogs from sites associated with human cases and from dog shelters were evaluated by indirect immunofluorescence assay (ifa) us ...201626995323
distribution of spotted fever group rickettsiae in hard ticks (ixodida: ixodidae) from panamanian urban and rural environments (2007-2013).tick-borne rickettsiosis is an important emerging disease in panama; to date, there have been 12 confirmed cases, including eight fatalities. to evaluate the distribution of rickettsiae in panamanian ticks, we collected questing and on-host ticks in urban and rural towns in elevations varying between 0 and 2300 m. a total of 63 sites (13 urban and 50 rural towns) were used to develop models of spatial distributions. we found the following tick species: rhipicephalus sanguineus s.l. (present in 5 ...201627068930
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