west nile virus ecology in a tropical ecosystem in guatemala.west nile virus ecology has yet to be rigorously investigated in the caribbean basin. we identified a transmission focus in puerto barrios, guatemala, and established systematic monitoring of avian abundance and infection, seroconversions in domestic poultry, and viral infections in mosquitoes. west nile virus transmission was detected annually between may and october from 2005 to 2008. high temperature and low rainfall enhanced the probability of chicken seroconversions, which occurred in both ...201223149586
taxonomic and phylogenetic relationships between species of the genus culex (diptera: culicidae) from brazil inferred from the cytochrome c oxidase i mitochondrial gene.species of the genus culex linnaeus have been incriminated as the main vectors of lymphatic filariases and are important vectors of arboviruses, including west nile virus. sequences corresponding to a fragment of 478 bp of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit i gene, which includes part of the barcode region, of 37 individuals of 17 species of genus culex were generated to establish relationships among five subgenera, culex, phenacomyia, melanoconion, microculex, and carrollia, and one species of th ...201121485362
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