wing geometry of culex coronator (diptera: culicidae) from south and southeast brazil.the coronator group encompasses culex coronator dyar & knab, culex camposi dyar, culex covagarciai forattini, culex ousqua dyar, culex usquatissimus dyar, culex usquatus dyar and culex yojoae strickman. culex coronator has the largest geographic distribution, occurring in north, central and south america. moreover, it is a potential vector-borne mosquito species because females have been found naturally infected with several arboviruses, i.e., saint louis encephalitis virus, venezuelan equine en ...201424721508
mitochondrial genomes and comparative analyses of culex camposi, culex coronator, culex usquatus and culex usquatissimus (diptera:culicidae), members of the coronator group.the coronator group currently encompasses six morphologically similar species (culex camposi dyar, culex coronator dyar and knab, culex covagarciai forattini, culex usquatus dyar, culex usquatissimus dyar, and culex ousqua dyar). culex coronator has been incriminated as a potential vector of west nile virus (wnv), saint louis encephalitis virus (slev), and venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (veev). the complete mitochondrial genome of cx. coronator, cx. usquatus, cx.usquatissimus, and cx. camp ...201526489754
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