tomato yellow leaf curl virus: a whitefly-transmitted geminivirus with a single genomic component.the genome of the tomato yellow leaf curl virus (tylcv), a bemisia tabaci-transmitted geminivirus, was cloned. all clones obtained were of one genomic molecule, analogous to dna a of african cassava mosaic virus. nucleotide sequence analysis of the tylcv genome showed that it comprises 2787 nucleotides, encoding six open reading frames, two on the virion strand and four on the complementary strand. all of them have counterparts in other geminiviruses. dimeric copies of the cloned viral genome we ...19911926771
efficient whitefly transmission of african cassava mosaic geminivirus requires sequences from both genomic components.clones of two subgroup iii geminiviruses, the common strain of tomato golden mosaic virus (cstgmv) and african cassava mosaic virus originating from kenya (acmv-k), were shown to be non-transmissible by whitefiles. lack of transmissibility of cloned acmv-k was investigated by exchanging genomic components with a whitefly-transmissible acmv isolate from nigeria (acmv-nog). neither pseudorecombinant was transmissible, indicating that defects in both genomic components contributed to the lack of tr ...19979225057
co-adaptation between cassava mosaic geminiviruses and their local vector populations.four cassava mosaic geminivirus (cmg) isolates; african cassava mosaic virus from namulonge, uganda (acmv-[nam]), east african cassava mosaic virus from mtwara, tanzania (eacmv-[mtw]), eacmv-uganda from namulonge (eacmv-ug[nam]) and indian cassava mosaic virus from trivandrum, india (icmv-[tri]) were compared for their ability to be transmitted by four colonies of cassava whitefly, bemisia tabaci (gennadius), collected from namulonge (nam), mtwara (mtw), kumasi (kum) and trivandrum (tri). with 2 ...200212076831
east african cassava mosaic zanzibar virus - a recombinant begomovirus species with a mild phenotype.cassava plants exhibiting mild symptoms of cassava mosaic disease (cmd) were collected from unguja island, zanzibar. cuttings grown from these plants in the glasshouse produced similar symptoms, which were milder than those caused by other known cassava mosaic geminiviruses (cmgs). the whitefly vector, bemisia tabaci (gennadius), transmitted the putative virus to 27.7% (n = 18) of target plants. total dna extracted from diseased leaves did not yield diagnostic pcr-bands using virus-specific prim ...200415375675
spatial analysis of temporal changes in the pandemic of severe cassava mosaic disease in north-western improve understanding of the dynamics of the cassava mosaic disease (cmd) pandemic front, geospatial approaches were applied to the analysis of three years' data obtained from a 2° by 2° (ca 222km by 222 km) area of north-western tanzania. a total of 80 farmers' fields were assessed in each of 2009, 2010 and 2011, with 20 evenly-distributed fields per 1° by 1° quadrant. cmd-associated variables (cmd incidence, cmd severity, vector-borne cmd infection and vector abundance) increased in magnitu ...201728714353
deciphering the biology of deltasatellites from the new world: maintenance by new world begomoviruses and whitefly transmission.deltasatellites are small noncoding dna satellites associated with begomoviruses. the study presented here has investigated the biology of two deltasatellites found in wild malvaceous plants in the new world (nw). infectious clones of two nw deltasatellites (from malvastrum coromandelianum and sidastrum micranthum) and associated begomoviruses were constructed. infectivity in nicotiana benthamiana and their natural malvaceous hosts was assessed. the nw deltasatellites were not able to spread aut ...201627400152
identification of genes directly and indirectly involved in the insect transmission of african cassava mosaic geminivirus by bemisia tabaci.the inability to transmit progeny virus resulting from the cloned components of an isolate of african cassava mosaic virus originating from kenya (acmv-k) has been shown to be due to defects in both genomic components. this was achieved by the production of infectious pseudorecombinants between acmv-k and the cloned components of a whitefly-transmissible acmv isolate originating from nigeria (acmv-nog). the exchange of gene fragments between acmv-k and acmv-nog has been used to demonstrate that ...199910334034
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