exchange of three amino acids in the coat protein results in efficient whitefly transmission of a nontransmissible abutilon mosaic virus isolate.geminiviruses are transmitted in a circulative manner by whiteflies, leafhoppers, or treehoppers. the whitefly species bemisia tabaci (genn.) is the vector for members of the genus begomovirus. the closely related bipartite central american begomoviruses abutilon mosaic virus (abmv), sida golden mosaic virus originating from costa rica (sigmv-cr), and sida golden mosaic virus originating from honduras (sigmv-hoyv) were used to study transmission by their insect vector. the abmv isolate is defect ...200111883001
the groel protein of the whitefly bemisia tabaci interacts with the coat protein of transmissible and nontransmissible begomoviruses in the yeast two-hybrid system.we have previously suggested that a groel homolog produced by the whitefly bemisia tabaci endosymbiotic bacteria interacts in the insect hemolymph with particles of tomato yellow leaf curl virus from israel (tylcv-is), ensuring the safe circulative transmission of the virus. we have now addressed the question of whether the nontransmissibility of abutilon mosaic virus from israel (abmv-is) is related to a lack of association between groel and the virus coat protein (cp). translocation analysis h ...200011040131
host range and symptom variation of pseudorecombinant virus produced by two distinct bipartite geminiviruses.within the whitefly group only the species bemisia tabaci (gennadius) is the vector. most whitefly-transmitted geminiviruses possess bipartite dna genomes, dnas a and b. although they are closely related to each other, the production of viable pseudorecombinants between bipartite geminiviruses by reassortment of infectious cloned components is generally limited to strains of a particular virus. following exchange of cloned genomic components of sida golden mosaic virus (sigmv/hoyv) and abutilon ...200010963348
coat protein gene replacement results in whitefly transmission of an insect nontransmissible geminivirus isolate.geminiviruses are transmitted by whiteflies, leafhoppers, or treehoppers. the whitefly species bemisia tabaci (gennadius) is the most efficient vector of subgroup iii geminiviruses. an isolate of abutilon mosaic virus (abmv), a bipartite geminivirus, was not detectable in the dna extract from insects by southern blot analysis, nor was the isolate transmissible by the b-biotype of b. tabaci, although the virus dna was amplified (by pcr) from some insects. in contrast, sida golden mosaic virus (si ...19979325236
the nucleotide sequence of abutilon mosaic virus reveals prokaryotic as well as eukaryotic features.the complete nucleotide sequence of abutilon mosaic virus (west indian isolate, abmva) is presented. the resulting genomic structure resembles that of other geminiviruses which are transmitted by the whitefly bemisia tabaci: abmv possesses a bipartite circular genome with bidirectional orientation of the open reading frames (orf). both components have a common region of 180 bases with 99% homology while the rest of their sequence is distinct. eukaryotic regulatory transcription elements precede ...19902219703
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