groel from the endosymbiont buchnera aphidicola betrays the aphid by triggering plant defense.aphids are sap-feeding plant pests and harbor the endosymbiont buchnera aphidicola, which is essential for their fecundity and survival. during plant penetration and feeding, aphids secrete saliva that contains proteins predicted to alter plant defenses and metabolism. plants recognize microbe-associated molecular patterns and induce pattern-triggered immunity (pti). no aphid-associated molecular pattern has yet been identified. by mass spectrometry, we identified in saliva from potato aphids (m ...201424927572
the potato aphid salivary effector me47 is a glutathione-s-transferase involved in modifying plant responses to aphid infestation.polyphagous aphid pests cause considerable economic damage to crop plants, primarily through the depletion of photoassimilates and transfer of viruses. the potato aphid (macrosiphum euphorbiae) is a notable pest of solanaceous crops, however, the molecular mechanisms that underpin the ability to colonize these hosts are unknown. it has recently been demonstrated that like other aphid species, m. euphorbiae injects a battery of salivary proteins into host plants during feeding. it is speculated t ...201627536306
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