impact of vat resistance in melon on viral epidemics and genetic structure of virus populations.cultivar choice is at the heart of cropping systems and resistant cultivars should be at the heart of disease management strategies whenever available. they are the easiest, most efficient and environmentally friendly way of combating viral diseases at the farm level. among the melon genetic resources, vat is a unique gene conferring resistance to both the melon aphid aphis gossypii and the viruses it carries. the 'virus side' of this pleiotropic phenotype is seldom regarded as an asset for viru ...201728587865
differential life history trait associations of aphids with nonpersistent viruses in cucurbits.the diversity of vectors and fleeting nature of virus acquisition and transmission renders nonpersistent viruses a challenge to manage. we assessed the importance of noncolonizing versus colonizing vectors with a 2-yr survey of aphids and nonpersistent viruses on commercial pumpkin farms. we quantified aphid alightment using pan traps, while testing leaf samples with multiplex rt-pcr targeting cucumber mosaic virus (cmv), zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv), watermelon mosaic virus (wmv), and pa ...201526313961
aphid transmission of a potyvirus depends on suitability of the helper component and the n terminus of the coat protein.the present study investigates the specificity of potyviruses for aphid species. two potyviruses differing in their host range were used: zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv) mainly infecting cucurbits and turnip mosaic virus (tumv) mainly infecting crucifers. two sets of aphids species were used as vectors, one polyphagous (myzus persicae and aphis gossypii) and the other from crucifers (brevicoryne brassicae and lipaphis erysimi). evidence is provided that the specificity between a vector and a ...200515503223
alatae production and population increase of aphid vectors on virus-infected host plants.zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv) and aphis gossypii glover are two components of a recently identified plant-parasite system that provides an excellent opportunity to study interrelations between a virus and a vector that share the same host, but have no direct physiological interaction. in a field experiment we documented numbers of alate and apterous a. gossypii on healthy cucurbita pepo and on plants inoculated with virus 0, 7, 14, and 21 days before aphid infestation. when plants were ino ...199228311813
plant virus-induced changes in aphid population development and temporal fluctuations in plant nutrients.cucurbita pepo plants were infected with zucchini yellow mosaic virus or maintained noninfected.aphis gossypii, which transmits the virus, lived longer and produced more offspring on infected than on noninfected plants. on infected plants, the intrinsic rate of natural increase fora. gossypii increased with time after inoculation. in a similar experiment, concentrations of phloem sap nutrients, including free amino acids, total protein, and sugars from infected and noninfected plants were compar ...199424242121
outcomes of co-infection by two potyviruses: implications for the evolution of manipulative strategies.recent studies have documented effects of plant viruses on host plants that appear to enhance transmission by insect vectors. but, almost no empirical work has explored the implications of such apparent manipulation for interactions among co-infecting pathogens. we examined single and mixed infections of two potyviruses, watermelon mosaic virus (wmv) and zucchini yellow mosaic virus (zymv), that frequently co-occur in cucurbitaceae populations and share the same aphid vectors. we found that zymv ...201323407835
minimising losses caused by zucchini yellow mosaic virus in vegetable cucurbit crops in tropical, sub-tropical and mediterranean environments through cultural methods and host resistance.between 2006 and 2009, 10 field experiments were done at kununurra, carnarvon or medina in western australia (wa) which have tropical, sub-tropical and mediterranean climates, respectively. these experiments investigated the effectiveness of cultural control measures in limiting zymv spread in pumpkin, and single-gene resistance in commercial cultivars of pumpkin, zucchini and cucumber. melon aphids (aphis gossypii) colonised field experiments at kununurra; migrant green peach aphids (myzus pers ...201121549770
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