arabidopsis thaliana is a host of the legume nanovirus faba bean necrotic yellows virus.we report infection of arabidopsis thaliana with the legume nanovirus faba bean necrotic yellows virus (fbnyv) by its insect vector aphis craccivora. symptoms of fbnyv infection on a. thaliana include stunting and reduced apical dominance, and are rather mild, compared to the severe necrosis and early plant death induced by the virus in the natural host vicia faba. an inoculation access period of 6h is sufficient to transmit fbnyv to a. thaliana. fbnyv is readily transmitted back from a. thalian ...200717512075
infectivity of nanovirus dnas: induction of disease by cloned genome components of faba bean necrotic yellows virus.circumstantial evidence suggests that the genome of faba bean necrotic yellows virus (fbnyv), a nanovirus, consists of eight distinct, circular, single-stranded dnas, each of about 1 kb and encoding only one protein. here, the use of cloned full-length fbnyv dnas for reproducing fbnyv-like symptoms in vicia faba, the principal natural host of fbnyv, is reported. characteristic symptoms of fbnyv infection were obtained in faba bean plants following biolistic dna delivery or agroinoculation with a ...200616690940
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