molecular cytogenetic discrimination and reaction to wheat streak mosaic virus and the wheat curl mite in zhong series of wheat--thinopyrum intermedium partial amphiploids.thinopyrum intermedium (2n = 6x = 42, jjjsjsss) is potentially a useful source of resistance to wheat streak mosaic virus (wsmv) and its vector, the wheat curl mite (wcm). five partial amphiploids, namely zhong 1, zhong 2, zhong 3, zhong 4, and zhong 5, derived from triticum aestivum x thinopyrum intermedium crosses produced in china, were screened for wsmv and wcm resistance. zhong 1 and zhong 2 had high levels of resistance to wsmv and wcm. the other three partial amphiploids, zhong 3, 4, and ...200312669806
thinopyrum ponticum and th. intermedium: the promising source of resistance to fungal and viral diseases of wheat.thinopyrum ponticum and th. intermedium provide superior resistance against various diseases in wheat (ttricum aestivum). because of their readily crossing with wheat, many genes for disease resistance have been introduced from the wheatgrasses into wheat. genes for resistance to leaf rust, stem rust, powdery mildew, barley yellow dwarf virus, wheat streak mosaic virus, and its vector, the wheat curl mite, have been transferred into wheat by producing chromosome translocations. these genes offer ...200919782957
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