rinderpest epidemic in wild ruminants in kenya 1993-97.a severe epidemic of rinderpest, affecting mainly wild ruminants, occurred between 1993 and 1997 in east africa. buffalo (syncerus caffer), eland (taurotragus oryx) and lesser kudu (tragelaphus imberbis) were highly susceptible. the histopathological changes, notably individual epithelial cell necrosis with syncytia formation, were consistent with an infection with an epitheliotrophic virus. serology, the polymerase chain reaction, and virus isolation confirmed the diagnosis and provided epidemi ...199910579537
cell-mediated immune responses in cattle vaccinated with a vaccinia virus recombinant expressing the nucleocapsid protein of rinderpest virus.rinderpest virus (rpv) is a member of the genus morbillivirus in the family paramyxoviridae which causes an acute and often fatal disease in large ruminants. to examine the immune response to the virus nucleocapsid (n) protein, a recombinant vaccinia virus expressing rpv nucleocapsid protein (rvv-rpv-n) was used to vaccinate cattle. the recombinant vaccine induced low levels of non-neutralizing anti-n antibodies. rpv-specific cell-mediated immunity induced by the recombinant was assessed by meas ...199910423130
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