recent isolates of parapoxvirus of finnish reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus) are closely related to bovine pseudocowpox virus.cases of papular stomatitis in finnish reindeer have been reported for many years. the causative agent was thought to be orf virus (orfv), one of the parapoxviridae, although this assumption was based mainly on clinical symptoms, pathology and electron microscopy. here sequence analyses of the viral dna isolated from a recent outbreak of disease in 1999-2000 are presented in comparison to that isolated from earlier outbreaks in 1992-1994. the results show that the virus isolated from the 1999-20 ...200415166423
characterisation of parapoxviruses isolated from norwegian semi-domesticated reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus).two outbreaks of the disease contagious ecthyma were reported in 1999 and 2000 in norwegian semi-domesticated reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus). contagious ecthyma is an epidermal disease of sheep and goats worldwide, which is caused by the zoonotic parapoxvirus orf virus. characterisation of clinical samples from the two outbreaks in semi-domesticated reindeer in norway by electron microscopy and pcr (b2l) revealed typical parapoxvirus particles and partial gene sequences corresponding to p ...200516143041
the genome of pseudocowpoxvirus: comparison of a reindeer isolate and a reference strain.parapoxviruses (ppv), of the family poxviridae, cause a pustular cutaneous disease in sheep and goats (orf virus, orfv) and cattle (pseudocowpoxvirus, pcpv and bovine papular stomatitis virus, bpsv). here, we present the first genomic sequence of a reference strain of pcpv (vr634) along with the genomic sequence of a ppv (f00.120r) isolated in finland from reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus). the f00.120r and vr634 genomes are 135 and 145 kb in length and contain 131 and 134 putative genes, re ...201020107016
experimental parapoxvirus infection (contagious ecthyma) in semi-domesticated reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus).contagious ecthyma (contagious pustular dermatitis, orf) occurs world-wide in sheep and goats and is caused by orf virus (genus parapoxvirus, family poxviridae). contagious ecthyma outbreaks have been described in semi-domesticated reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus) in sweden, finland and norway, occasionally with high mortality. fourteen one-year-old reindeer were corralled in mid-april. one week after arrival, two animals received a commercial live orf virus vaccine for sheep (scabivax(®)) ...201323201244
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