[action of neotelomycin derivatives on bacillus magaterium cells].the effect of neotelomycin derivatives on the cells of bac. megaterium was studied. derivatives with modification of one of the two active centers of the antibiotic molecule, i.e. the free alpha-amine group of the residue of asparaginic acid or hydrophobic triptophanic structure were studied. the derivative with modified indol rings of the residues of beta-methyl-and dehydrotriptophane induced the same though lower damages as the natural antibiotic: increased permeability of the cytoplasmic memb ...1977404956
[bacterial spore coat. i. morphological structure of spore coat of bacillus magaterium]. 19704988340
[localization of beta-galactosidase induced in the course of sporulation in bacillus magaterium]. 196313965412
synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of new sulfonyl hydrazone derivatives and their nickel(ii) complexes.prophane sulfonic acid hydrazide (psh: ch(3)ch(2)ch(2)so(2)nhnh(2)) derivatives as salicylaldehydeprophanesulfonylhydrazone (salpsh), 5-methylsalicylaldehydeprophanesulfonylhydrazone (5-msalpsh), 2-hydroxyacetophenoneprophanesulfonylhydrazone (afpsh), 5-methyl-2-hydroxyacetophenoneprophanesulfonylhydrazone (5-mafpsh) and their ni(ii) complexes have been synthesized. the structure of these compounds has been investigated by using elemental analysis, ftir, (1)h nmr, lc/ms, uv-vis spectrophotometri ...200817900973
cr(iii), fe(iii) and co(iii) complexes of tetradentate (onno) schiff base ligands: synthesis, characterization, properties and biological activity.a series of metal complexes were synthesized from equimolar amounts of schiff bases: 1,4-bis[3-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldimine)propyl]piperazine (bappnaf) and 1,8-bis[3-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthaldimine)-p-menthane (damnaf) with metal chlorides. all of synthesized compounds were characterized by elemental analyses, spectral (uv-vis, ir, (1)h-(13)c nmr, lc-ms) and thermal (tga-dta) methods, magnetic and conductance measurements. schiff base complexes supposed in tetragonal geometry have the general formula ...200817904895
synthesis, characterization, antibacterial activities and carbonic anhydrase enzyme inhibitor effects of new arylsulfonylhydrazone and their ni(ii), co(ii) complexes.ethane sulfonic acide hydrazide (esh: ch(3)ch(2)so(2)nhnh(2)) derivatives as 5-methylsalicyl-aldehydeethanesulfonylhydrazone (5msalesh), 5-methyl-2-hydroxyacetophenoneethane sulfonylhydrazone (5mafesh) and their ni(ii), co(ii) complexes have been synthesized for the first time. the structure of these compounds has been investigated by elemental analysis, ft-ir, (1)h nmr, (13)c nmr, lc/ms, uv-vis spectrophotometric method, magnetic susceptibility, thermal studies and conductivity measurements. th ...201019889572
purification and properties of a specific proteolytic enzyme present in spores of bacillus magaterium.a proteolytic enzyme with high activity on the specific, low molecular weight dormant spore proteins (termed a and b proteins) degraded during spore germination has been purified approximately 1000-fold from bacillus megaterium spores. this enzyme accounts for greater than 85% of the proteolytic activity toward the a and b proteins in crude spore extracts. the protease has a ph optimum of approximately 7.5, is inactivated by phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride and edta (10 mm), and is inhibited approx ...1976826539
synthesis, characterization, antimicrobial activity and structure-activity relationships of new aryldisulfonamides.a series of aromatic disulfonamide (1-8) derivatives and 4-methylbenzenesulfonyl hydrazide (9) were synthesized and characterized. all compounds were evaluated in vitro for their antimicrobial activity against staphylococcus aureus atcc 25953, bacillus cereus atcc 6633, bacillus magaterium rskk 5117, escherichia coli atcc 11230, salmonella enterititis atcc 13076 by microdilution and disc diffusion methods. antimicrobial activity of the aromatic disulfonamides decreased as the length of the carbo ...200919548771
retention of episomes during protoplasting and during propagation in the l state.kawakami, masaya (georgetown university, washington, d.c.), and otto e. landman. retention of episomes during protoplasting and during propagation in the l state. j. bacteriol. 92:398-404. 1966.-in earlier work, it was observed that the mesosomes of bacillus magaterium and b. subtilis are expelled from the cell interior during protoplasting and that mesosome fragments are released into the supernatant fluid as the cell wall disintegrates. since the resultant protoplasts remain intact and capable ...196616562127
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