new hosts and localities for helminths of carnivores in argentina.a total of 111 samples (43 faeces and 79 gastrointestinal tracts) of 14 wild carnivore species from 12 argentine provinces were analyzed. helminth eggs were identified in 73% of the faecal samples and adult worms were recovered from 81% of the gastrointestinal tracts. we found 19 helminth species. among the most frequent findings were parasites of domestic carnivores, namely toxocara canis, toxocara cati, toxascaris leonina, ancylostoma caninum, ancylostoma tubaeforme and uncinaria stenocephala. ...201526701468
gastritis caused by aonchotheca putorii in a domestic cat.aonchotheca putorii is a parasitic nematode of the stomach and small intestines of many wild mammals. although a putorii has been found in domestic cats in iowa, it has not been reported to be pathogenic. the parasite caused severe gastric and was associated with a gastric ulcer and secondary anemia in a 10-year-old domestic shorthair cat from ohio. the source of infection was not determined. surgical resection of the affected tissue resolved clinical signs. the importance of postoperative admin ...19938244862
ribosomal and mitochondrial dna analysis of trichuridae nematodes of carnivores and small mammals.several species of trichuridae nematodes can infect dogs, cats and wild mammals. the diagnosis of these infections relies on the microscopic identification of eggs which are characterized by a similar "lemon" shape and polar plugs in all trichuridae. thus, morphological diagnosis to species level is challenging. the use of biomolecular diagnostic methods is desirable but very little genetic data are known from trichuridae of carnivores and small mammals. the aim of this work was to genetically c ...201323920054
extraintestinal nematodes of the red fox vulpes vulpes in north-west italy.extraintestinal nematodes of the red fox (vulpes vulpes) are a wide group of parasites that infect wild and domestic carnivores and occasionally humans. nematodes in the cardiopulmonary system, stomach, urinary apparatus and muscle tissue of 165 red foxes (vulpes vulpes) from north-west italy (liguria and piedmont) were investigated between 2009 and 2012. of the cardiopulmonary nematodes, a high prevalence of angiostrongylus vasorum and eucoleus aerophilus (syn. capillaria aerophila) was found, ...201524725462
occurrence and clinical significance of aelurostrongylus abstrusus and other endoparasites in danish cats.feline endoparasites are highly prevalent worldwide and may cause a variety of clinical signs in infected cats. prevalence rates are dynamic and there is limited knowledge of the current prevalence in denmark and the clinical manifestation and significance of especially the lungworm aelurostrongylus abstrusus. this study investigated the total and local prevalence of aelurostrongylus abstrusus and other endoparasites in danish cats. the clinical significance of feline aelurostrongylosis was also ...201728115180
helminth parasites of the eurasian badger (meles meles l.) in spain: a biogeographic approach.eighty-five eurasian badgers, meles meles (linnaeus, 1758), from four mainland biogeographic spanish areas were analysed for helminths. seventeen helminth species were found: brachylaima sp., euparyphium melis and euryhelmis squamula (trematoda), atriotaenia incisa and mesocestoides sp. (cestoda) and aelurostrongylus pridhami, angiostrongylus vasorum, aonchotheca putorii, crenosoma melesi, mastophorus muris, molineus patens, pearsonema plica, physaloptera sibirica, strongyloides sp., trichinella ...200111355672
helminth parasites of the eurasian otter lutra lutra in southwest europe.the helminth fauna in 109 eurasian otters (lutra lutra l.) from france, portugal and spain was analysed, together with 56 faecal samples collected in portugal and 23 fresh stools from otters included in a reintroduction programme. seven helminth species were found in l. lutra in southwest europe: phagicola sp. (trematoda), aonchotheca putorii, eucoleus schvalovoj, strongyloides lutrae, anisakis (third stage larvae) and dirofilaria immitis (nematoda), and gigantorhynchus sp. (acanthocephala). euc ...200415575995
parasitological survey on wild carnivora in north-western tohoku, the winter of 1997-1998, we collected parasitological data from 60 wild carnivora in the north-western part of tohoku region, japan. these included 7 foxes (vulpes vulpes japonica), 20 raccoon dogs (nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus), 29 martens (martes melampus melampus), 3 weasels (two mustela sibirica itatsi and one m. nivalis namiyei), and one japanese badger (meles meles anakuma). roundworms (toxocara canis in foxes and toxocara tanuki in raccoon dogs), hookworms (ancylostoma kusimaens ...199910535507
gastrointestinal parasites of cats in denmark assessed by necropsy and concentration mcmaster technique.the large population of feral cats in denmark may potentially transmit pathogens to household cats and zoonotic parasites to humans. a total of 99 euthanized cats; feral cats (n=92) and household cats with outdoor access (n=7), were collected from march to may 2014 from the zealand region, denmark. the sedimentation and counting technique (sct) was used to isolate helminths and coproscopy was done by concentration mcmaster technique (c-mcmaster). overall, 90.1% of the cats were infected and a to ...201526169220
helminth communities of the autochthonous mustelids mustela lutreola and m. putorius and the introduced mustela vison in south-western france.this study presents the first comprehensive helminthological data on three sympatric riparian mustelids (the european mink mustela lutreola, the polecat m. putorius and the american mink m. vison) in south-western france. one hundred and twenty-four specimens (45 m. lutreola, 37 m. putorius and 42 m. vison) from eight french departments were analysed. globally, 15 helminth species were detected: troglotrema acutum, pseudamphistomum truncatum, euryhelmis squamula, euparyphium melis and ascocotyle ...200818752724
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