in vitro propagation of candidatus rickettsia andeanae isolated from amblyomma maculatum.candidatus rickettsia andeanae was identified during an investigation of a febrile outbreak in northwestern peru (2002). dna sequencing from two ticks (amblyomma maculatum, ixodes boliviensis) collected during the investigation revealed a novel rickettsia agent with similarity to the spotted fever group rickettsiae. since then, candidatus r. andeanae has been detected in a. maculatum ticks collected in the southeastern and southcentral united states, argentina, and peru. to date, candidatus r. a ...201122098316
phylogenetic analysis of a novel molecular isolate of spotted fever group rickettsiae from northern peru: candidatus rickettsia andeanae.phylogenetic analysis of five rickettsial genes (17-kda gene, glta, ompb, ompa, and sca4) from two molecular isolates of candidatus rickettsia andeanae from two ticks (amblyomma maculatum and ixodes boliviensis) collected from two domestic horses living in two separate locations in northern peru (coletas and naranjo) was conducted to more clearly characterize this recently reported novel spotted fever group (sfg) rickettsia. following nested polymerase chain reaction (pcr) amplification of the 1 ...200516481537
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