[the study of mosquito fauna (diptera, culicidae) in volgograd city in light of the outbreak of west nile fever in volgograd region, 1999].mosquito sampling was carried out in volgograd city and its vicinity in august 2001 and 2002. in total 16,000 individuals belonging to 6 genera and 12 species were collected. nine species were anthropophilic. culex modestus and aedes vexans dominated in all outdoor samples collected in volgograd city. in addition to these species, coquillettidia richiardii and ae. caspius were abundant in the vicinity of volgograd. autogenous cx. popiens dominated among six species sampled indoors in volgograd c ...200415272818
potential transmission of west nile virus in the british isles: an ecological review of candidate mosquito bridge vectors.west nile virus (wnv) transmitted by mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) infects various vertebrates, being pathogenic for birds, horses and humans. after its discovery in tropical africa, sporadic outbreaks of wnv occurred during recent decades in eurasia, but not the british isles. wnv reached new york in 1999 and spread to california by 2003, causing widespread outbreaks of west nile encephalitis across north america, transmitted by many species of mosquitoes, mainly culex spp. the periodic reapp ...200515752172
first report on entomological field activities for the surveillance of west nile disease in italy.west nile virus (wnv) is neuropathogenic for birds, horses and humans and is maintained in natural cycles between birds and mosquitoes, particularly the culex genus; horses and humans are considered to be incidental hosts. a surveillance plan was implemented in italy in 1998, following a limited outbreak of wnv equine encephalomyelitis and a wnv outbreak in france very close to the italian border. this plan to assess the risks of the virus being introduced again included entomological surveillan ...200820405446
species composition and wnv screening of mosquitoes from lagoons in a wetland area of the algarve, portugal.the aim of this study was to evaluate mosquito abundance, species diversity, larval and adult population dynamics in seven lagoons integrated in the wetland coastal system of the algarve, portugal, in the summer of 2007, as well as the screening of these for west nile virus (wnv). wnv has been isolated from mosquitoes in this region, in the summer of 2004, next to the putative area of infection of two linked human wn cases. adult mosquitoes were collected with cdc traps baited with co(2), and po ...201122347862
mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) and their relevance as disease vectors in the city of vienna, austria.mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) are important vectors for a wide range of pathogenic organisms. as large parts of the human population in developed countries live in cities, the occurrence of vector-borne diseases in urban areas is of particular interest for epidemiologists and public health authorities. in this study, we investigated the mosquito occurrence in the city of vienna, austria, in order to estimate the risk of transmission of mosquito-borne diseases. mosquitoes were captured using di ...201425468380
monitoring of west nile virus in mosquitoes between 2011-2012 in hungary.west nile virus (wnv) is a widely distributed mosquito-borne flavivirus. wnv strains are classified into several genetic lineages on the basis of phylogenetic differences. whereas lineage 1 viruses are distributed worldwide, lineage 2 wnv was first detected outside of africa in hungary in 2004. since then, wnv-associated disease and mortality in animal and human hosts have been documented periodically in hungary. after the first detection of wnv from a pool of culex pipiens mosquitoes in 2010, s ...025229703
diversity and ecology survey of mosquitoes potential vectors in belgian equestrian farms: a threat prevention of mosquito-borne equine arboviruses.emergence of west nile virus was recently recorded in several european countries, which can lead to severe health problems in horse populations. europe is also at risk of introduction of mosquito-borne equine alphavirus from americas. prevention of these arboviruses requires a clear understanding of transmission cycles, especially their vectors. to characterize mosquito fauna, their ecology and identify potential vectors of equine arboviruses in belgium, entomological surveys of six equestrian f ...201626775817
ecological niche modelling of potential west nile virus vector mosquito species and their geographical association with equine epizootics in italy, west nile virus (wnv) equine outbreaks have occurred annually since 2008. characterizing wnv vector habitat requirements allows for the identification of areas at risk of viral amplification and transmission. maxent-based ecological niche models were developed using literature records of 13 potential wnv italian vector mosquito species to predict their habitat suitability range and to investigate possible geographical associations with wnv equine outbreak occurrence in italy from 2008 ...201424121802
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