a high degree of african streak virus diversity within nigerian maize fields includes a new mastrevirus from axonopus compressus.the a-strain of maize streak virus (msv-a; genus mastrevirus, family geminiviridae), the causal agent of maize streak disease, places a major constraint on maize production throughout sub-saharan africa. in west-african countries such as nigeria, where maize is not cultivated year-round, this msv strain is forced to overwinter in non-maize hosts. in order to both identify uncultivated grasses that might harbour msv-a during the winter season and further characterise the diversity of related maiz ...201424796552
a novel maize-infecting mastrevirus from la réunion island.despite extensive sampling, only one virus belonging to the genus mastrevirus of the family geminiviridae, maize streak virus (msv), has until now been detected in maize with maize streak disease (msd) symptoms. here, we report for the first time a second, highly divergent, mastrevirus isolated from two maize plants displaying characteristic msd-like symptoms, sampled on the south-west indian ocean island, la réunion. the two isolates shared <57 % genome-wide identity with all other known mastre ...201222543634
identification and characterization of a maize-associated mastrevirus in china by deep sequencing small rna populations.maize streak reunion virus (msrv) is a member of the mastrevirus genus in the family geminiviridae. of the diverse and increasing number of mastrevirus species found so far, only wheat dwarf virus and sweetpotato symptomless virus 1 have been discovered in china. recently, a novel, unbiased approach based on deep sequencing of small interfering rnas followed by de novo assembly of sirna, has greatly offered opportunities for plant virus identification.201526437663
molecular diversity, geographic distribution and host range of monocot-infecting mastreviruses in africa and surrounding islands.maize streak virus (msv), an important pathogen of maize in africa, is the most extensively studied member of the mastrevirus genus in the family geminiviridae. comparatively little is known about other monocot-infecting african mastreviruses, most of which infect uncultivated grasses. here we determine the complete sequences of 134 full african mastrevirus genomes from predominantly uncultivated poaceae species. based on established taxonomic guidelines for the genus mastrevirus, these genomes ...201728687345
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