identification of a single-stranded dna virus associated with citrus chlorotic dwarf disease, a new member in the family the attempt to identify the causal agent of citrus chlorotic dwarf disease (ccdd), a virus-like disorder of citrus, the small rna fraction and total dna from symptomatic citrus plants were subjected to high-throughput sequencing. dna fragments deriving from an apparently new geminivirus-like agent were found and assembled by ngs to re-construct the entire viral genome. the newly identified virus has a circular single-stranded dna genome comprising five open reading frames (orfs) with sequence ...201222749878
identification and molecular characterization of a novel monopartite geminivirus associated with mulberry mosaic dwarf disease.high-throughput sequencing of small rnas allowed the identification of a novel dna virus in a chinese mulberry tree affected by a disease showing mosaic and dwarfing symptoms. rolling-circle amplification and pcr with specific primers, followed by sequencing of eleven independent full-length clones, showed that this virus has a monopartite circular dna genome (∼ 2.95 kb) containing orfs in both polarity strands, as reported previously for geminiviruses. a field survey showed the close associatio ...201525953916
capulavirus and grablovirus: two new genera in the family geminiviridae.geminiviruses are plant-infecting single-stranded dna viruses that occur in most parts of the world. currently, there are seven genera within the family geminiviridae (becurtovirus, begomovirus, curtovirus, eragrovirus, mastrevirus, topocuvirus and turncurtovirus). the rate of discovery of new geminiviruses has increased significantly over the last decade as a result of new molecular tools and approaches (rolling-circle amplification and deep sequencing) that allow for high-throughput workflows. ...201728213872
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