the ornithodoros (alectorobius) capensis group (acarina: ixodoidea: argasidae) of the palearctic and oriental regions. o. (a.) coniceps identity, bird and mammal hosts, virus infections, and distribution in europe, africa, and asia.ornithodoros (alectorobius) coniceps (canestrini 1890), which was briefly described from adult specimens from st. mark's cathedral, venice, italy, has been a confusing taxon. we redescribe and illustrate the adult and immature stages from st. mark's cathedral (topotypes) and elsewhere, list criteria to distinguish this species from others in the o. (a.) capensis complex, and provide data for 36 collections, chiefly from nest sites of wild and domestic pigeons in humid, rocky situations, and from ...1979480069
[the taxonomy of the baku virus (bakv; reoviridae, orbivirus) isolated from the birds obligate parasites argasidae ticks in azerbaijan, turkmenistan, and uzbekistan].the baku virus (bakv) was originally isolated from the ticks ornithodoros capensis neumann, 1901 (acari: argasidae) collected from the seagull (larus argentatus) seating nests on the islands of the baku archipelago, the caspian sea. bakv was assigned to kemerovo group (kemv) (orbivirus, reoviridae). the bakv was frequently isolated from the ticks o. coniceps canestrini, 1980, collected from l. argentatus and tern (sterna hirundo) nests in turkmenia and pigeon (columba livia neglecta) nests in uz ...201624772642
[genetic characterization of the wad medani virus (wmv) (reoviridae, orbivirus), isolated from the ticks hyalomma asiaticum schulze et schlottke, 1930 (ixodidae: hyalomminae) in turkmenistan, kazakhstan, and armenia and from the ticks h. anatolicum koch, 1844 in tajikistan].near full-genome sequence of the wad medani virus (wmv) (strain leiv-8066tur) (orbivirus, reoviridae) isolated from the ticks hyalomma asiaticum schulze et schlottke, 1929, collected from sheep in baharly district in turkmenistan, was determined using next generation sequencing approach. the similarity of the rna-dependent rna-polymerase (pol, vp1) amino acid sequence between wmv and the kemerovo group orbiviruses (kemv), as well as of the baku virus (bakv), was 64%. the similarity of the conser ...201625549464
[morphological data on the reproductive characteristics of the leiv-108a and leiv-3306 uz strains of the baku virus in chick fibroblast cell culture].electron microscopic examinations of chick fibroblast cells 24 hours after inoculation with leiv-108a and leiv-3306 uz strains of baku virus revealed the following: in the nuclei of the cells infected with the leiv-108a strain fine granular matrices were found and virus particles were forming at the periphery of the nucleus; in the leiv-3306uz-infected cells virus particles were found budding from the plasma membrane of the cell.1979223330
population variability of the "baku" virus. 197613574
reproductive characteristics in a chicken fibroblast cell culture and some physicochemical properties of "baku" virus. 197613561
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