novel babesia and hepatozoon agents infecting non-volant small mammals in the brazilian pantanal, with the first record of the tick ornithodoros guaporensis in brazil.taking into account the diversity of small terrestrial mammals of the pantanal, the present study aimed to verify the occurrence of infection by ehrlichia spp., anaplasma spp., rickettsia spp., hepatozoon spp., babesia spp. and parasitism by ticks in non-volant small mammals collected in the brazilian pantanal. samples of blood, liver and spleen were collected from 64 captured animals, 22 marsupials and 42 rodents. pathogen detection was performed by the use of genus-specific polymerase chain re ...201626782931
a new species of ornithodoros (acari: argasidae) from desert areas of northern chile.ornithodoros atacamensis n. sp. is described from larvae collected on the lizard liolaemus bisignatus and from free-living adults collected in desert areas from the pan de azúcar and llanos de challe national parks, in northern chile. additionally, unengorged larvae were obtained from fertilized females, which laid eggs in the laboratory. morphological and mitochondrial 16s rdna sequence analyses were performed in order to compare this new soft tick species with other congeneric neotropical repr ...201627132517
ornithodoros guaporensis (acari, ixodida: argasidae), a new tick species from the guapore river basin in the bolivian amazon.the soft tick ornithodoros guaporensis n. sp. (acari: ixodida: argasidae) is described from larvae and adults. morphological analysis and 16s rdna sequences are provided. adults were collected from a rocky fissure inhabited by bats located in the amazonian forest in north-eastern bolivia (beni department) close to the guapord river. larvae were obtained from eggs laid by females collected in the field, and which were fed on rabbits in the laboratory. larvae of o. guaporensis are morphologically ...201326217870
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