[feeding of imago haemaphysalis japonica douglasi nutt. et warb. and haemaphysalis concinna koch under laboratory conditions]. 1977562974
[a study of the ability of the ticks haemaphysalis japonica douglasi nutt. et w. and h. neumanni d. to act as rickettsia carriers in experimental conditions]. 19675623101
lyme disease spirochetes in ticks from northeastern china.during may 1996, field surveys on lyme disease spirochetes were conducted in beijing, shenyang, fushun, and inner mongolia in northeastern china. the ticks collected consisted of 3 genera and 12 species. of these, ixodes persulcatus was dominant in sun-exposed vegetation in forests in inner mongolia; 57 borrelia strains (55/123 unfed adults and 2/5 immature stages fed on a rodent) were obtained from this tick by bsk culture. additionally, 2/2 apodemus peninsulae were positive. ixodes nipponensis ...19989645846
[on spontaneous infection of haemaphysalis japonica douglasi nutt. and warb. ticks by d. sibiricus rickettsia in the primorsk region]. 196314151783
detection of anaplasma bovis and anaplasma phagocytophilum dna from haemaphysalis megaspinosa in hokkaido, japan.dna from 101 ticks, including haemaphysalis megaspinosa, haemaphysalis douglasi, haemaphysalis flava, ixodes ovatus and ixodes persulcatus, collected by flagging in a pasture in hidaka district (hokkaido, japan) was examined for infection with anaplasma bovis and a. phagocytophilum by species-specific nested pcr. of the 48 h. megaspinosa nymphs, examined, 1 (2.1%) and 6 (12.5%) were positive for a. bovis and a. phagocytophilum, respectively. one of the 6 positive nymphs was dual positive for bot ...201019897306
genetic diversity of theileria orientalis in tick vectors detected in hokkaido and okinawa, the present study, we investigated the possible tick vectors that can transmit theileria orientalis in eastern hokkaido, japan. questing ticks collected from three different districts, taiki, otofuke, and shin-hidaka, of hokkaido included ixodes persulcatus, haemaphysalis megaspinosa, haemaphysalis douglasi, and ixodes ovatus, while all the ticks collected from yonaguni island of okinawa were identified as haemaphysalis longicornis. when the ticks were screened by polymerase chain reaction (p ...201222824416
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