finding of haemaphysalis erinacei erinacei pavesi, 1884 on birds in yugoslavia. 19744452493
[the intraspecific taxonomic structure and identification of closely related species of ixodid ticks (ixodidae)].two variants of intraspecific morphological differentiation of 7 palearctic species of ixodidae and respectively two variants of their intraspecific taxonomic pattern have been revealed on the basis of the study of geographic variation of each species. three species--ixodes pavlovskyi pom., 1946, haemaphysalis erinacei pavesi, 1884, hyalomma asiaticum sch. et schl., 1929, are subdivided into subspecies, and four ones--i. ricinus (l., 1758), i. persulcatus sch., 1930, i. crenulatus koch, 1844, de ...200010862394
[ixodidae ticks in bishkek].the fauna of ixodidae ticks was studied in bishkek in 1998-2004. the city is situated in the center of the chuisk valley, at the foot of the kirghiz ridge, at the boundary of a submountain-plain-arid region and a plain-piedmont-semiarid one with steppe fragments. the ticks were gathered on a flag from small mammalians caught by gero traps, from birds, domestic and agricultural animals. a total of 648 animals of 13 species were examined. the bites of ticks were registered in 98 persons in the cit ...200516445237
filaria martis gmelin 1790 (spirurida, filariidae) affecting beech marten (martes foina): morphological description and molecular characterisation of the cytochrome oxidase c subunit i.filaria martis causes a poorly known subcutaneous filariosis in mustelids. few information is available about lesions that f. martis causes in beech martens, on its morphology, biology and the occurrence of the infection. from 1997 to 2006, 29 beech martens from two sites of southern italy (sites a and b) have been necropsied. ectoparasites and nematodes were collected and morphologically identified. a variable region of the cytochrome c oxidase subunit 1 (cox1) of f. martis has been characteris ...200717484072
ixodid ticks of road-killed wildlife species in southern italy: new tick-host associations and locality records.the present study aimed to identify ticks collected from road-killed wildlife species retrieved in several localities of southern italy and to assess the presence of borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, anaplasma phagocytophilum and rickettsia spp. dna in ticks. collections were carried out from january 2000 to december 2009 on wild animals found dead within the territories of 11 municipalities from three regions (i.e., apulia, basilicata, and calabria). in total, 189 carcasses of wild animals belon ...201121728058
rickettsiae in arthropods collected from the north african hedgehog (atelerix algirus) and the desert hedgehog (paraechinus aethiopicus) in algeria.hedgehogs have become a popular pet despite their potential role in zoonotic disease transmission. we conducted an entomological study in a mountainous region of northeast algeria in which we collected 387 fleas (archeopsylla erinacei) and 342 ticks (rhipicephalus sanguineus and haemaphysalis erinacei) from paraechinus aethiopicus and atelerix algirus hedgehogs. of the hedgehogs sampled, 77.7% and 91% were infested with fleas and ticks, respectively. significantly more ticks and fleas were colle ...201222222114
phylogenetic analysis of haemaphysalis erinacei pavesi, 1884 (acari: ixodidae) from china, turkey, italy and romania.haemaphysalis erinacei is one of the few ixodid tick species for which valid names of subspecies exist. despite their disputed taxonomic status in the literature, these subspecies have not yet been compared with molecular methods. the aim of the present study was to investigate the phylogenetic relationships of h. erinacei subspecies, in the context of the first finding of this tick species in romania.201627978852
rickettsia raoultii in haemaphysalis erinacei from marbled polecats, china-kazakhstan border.we found rickettsia raoultii dna in 2 out of 32 (6.25 %) haemaphysalis erinacei ticks. result showed that the sequences of five genes (17-kda, glta, ompa, rrs, and ompb) were 100 % identity with that of r. raoultii in genbank. this study is the first report on the presence of r. raoultii in h. erinacei from wild marbled polecat, vormela peregusna. our findings suggest that h. erinacei parasitizing wild marbled polecat may serve as reservoir and carriers for r. raoultii in areas around the china- ...201526383238
rickettsia africae and candidatus rickettsia barbariae in ticks in israel.dna of several spotted fever group rickettsiae was found in ticks in israel. the findings include evidence for the existence of rickettsia africae and candidatus rickettsia barbariae in ticks in israel. the dna of r. africae was detected in a hyalomma detritum tick from a wild boar and dna of c. rickettsia barbariae was detected in rhipicephalus turanicus and rhipicephalus sanguineus collected from vegetation. the dna of rickettsia massiliae was found in rh. sanguineus and haemaphysalis erinacei ...201424615133
stray dogs of northern jordan as reservoirs of ticks and tick-borne hemopathogens.dogs are competent reservoir hosts of several hemopathogens including zoonotic agents and can serve as readily available source of nutrition for many blood-feeding arthropods. three hemopathogens had been detected for the first time in jordan. the pcr prevalence of anaplasma phagocytophilum, hepatozoon canis, and piroplasmid dna were 39.5%, 28.9%, and 7.9% (n=38) respectively. sequencing of amplicons of pcr with universal primers targeting the 18s rrna gene of piroplasmids shows the highest simi ...201222434363
a survey on parasites of long-eared hedgehog (hemiechinus auritus) in northeast of there appeared to be no data available on parasite infection of hedgehogs in the region and considering the potential threat of hedgehogs for animal and public health, the present study was carried out using biological samples and necropsy findings collected from long-eared hedgehog captured in mashhad city in the northeast of iran. during the study 23 dead hedgehogs were collected randomly from different regions of mashhad county. following autopsy of these animals, observation for enteric p ...201627876947
ticks (acari: ixodida) parasitizing humans in corum and yozgat provinces, order to identify ticks infesting humans in corum and yozgat provinces in turkey, a total of 2110 ticks representing 14 species were collected on humans, between june and september 2009. of those, 1551 (687♂, 450♀, 407 nymphs, 7 larvae) were collected from corum and 559 (330♂, 180♀, 49 nymphs) were collected from yozgat. the majority of ticks (n = 1121, 53.1 %) was hyalomma marginatum. other common ticks infesting humans were dermacentor marginatus (n = 209, 9.9 %) and rhipicephalus turanicus ...201526385209
a survey of ticks (acari: ixodida) infesting some wild animals from sivas, order to determine the species composition of infesting ticks, between 2011 and 2012 a total of 1118 wild animals were captured from various regions of zara, sivas province, turkey. a total of 138 ticks were obtained from the 58 host animals. ticks were identified as dermacentor marginatus (sulzer), haemaphysalis erinacei taurica pospelova-shtrom, haemaphysalis parva (neumann), haemaphysalis punctata canestrini and fanzago, haemaphysalis sulcata canestrini and fanzago, hyalomma marginatum koc ...201525784071
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